Had to draw my own hands for a class, so enjoy my chubb mitts

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jameson kinsler

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Her Majesty

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Our kickstarter has launched.

We’ve got some killer artwork, created by killer artists whose work will thrill (but not kill) you. We’ve got a goal of $12,000. 

The book itself not only features dozens of illustrations, but several comic shorts by our talented artists—as well as a personal bio pages with illustrated portraits! In total there are 148 pages of art work. The illustrations will all be printed in color on a coated, heavy weight matte paper. The book will be 8.5 x 11 and perfect bound with a gloss varnished soft cover. All this from 32 amazing artists.

So please check out our project. So please check out our project. If you like gore, horror, the weird or the unusual, we would be grateful for your support!

We have until Sat, Jun 6 2014 1:54 AM EDT to make our goal.

Support our project here: Kickstarter 
Follow our blog & updates here:  Tumblr

I’m in this one!! You should support the shit out of it!!!

(Mine’s the one on the far right!!!!)

in this one as well!! Stay tuned for more details <3

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my D3 Demon Hunter, Coccyx.

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current mood: unnecessary use of oxygen

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Time to work on the base :U

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one of the four Cherubim in Delter

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the Ickybod Clay assets I drew for that ttthhhing

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