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Sorry for the textpost again but good news guys! My sister is going to sell sweatshirts for me at APE this year! :D

If you’re going to APE you’ll have the chance to get a con-exclusive OFF sweatshirt that features the floating crown on the hood! All sweatshirts at the con will be ready-made so you can walk out the door with them!

I also may throw a new sweatshirt design in there to go with the OFF ones, pending design. <3


ALSO AGAIN: I need to reiterate where I am with current orders!

Pleasepleaseplease look at your ‘expected’ shipping date on your receipt!

Most of them should say August, but there are about 2-3 people who will say ~July 15th. If you have one for July 15th, we’re going to get those out to you ASAP, we just heard were going to get our printing back much later than we expected it to get back to us, by a few days or so. :S

We’re working from daylight until sundown on these things, we’ll have them out to you as fast as humanly possible! I thank you for your continued patience <3

  1. korybing said: Oh no I’m going to be sharing a table with Lin maybe I CAN SNAG ONE PERHAPS??? Oh gosh OFF hoodies oh gosh
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